Hometown Strasburg Dissolution... Click Here for more information
Hometown Strasburg, Inc.
is a Non-profit 501(c)(3) organization incorporated
in July, 2005.

We are an Affiliate of the Virginia Main Street Program.
Hometown Strasburg Dissolution
Announcement of Hometown Strasburg officially disbanding at the Strasburg Town Council meeting 1/13/15, by President, Kate Sowers
I am here tonight to announce that at Hometown Strasburg’s Board of Directors meeting yesterday, we officially voted to disband Hometown Strasburg, Inc., effective March 19, 2015.

After much consideration, we felt that this was the best step for us to take. We feel that the vision that we had by starting this organization has come to reality in many events and projects that we have done throughout these many years, and are so glad to see that the Town has taken over in seeing the projects it is now undertaking, continue in the future.

By the Town hiring Kimberly Murray, and Felicia Hart-new Downtown Coordinator, we feel that with the necessary grants that they are obtaining, the continuation of the Streetscape Project, and the future CDBG/BDR Planning Grant, will help Strasburg continue to grow in the right direction.

We sincerely wish to thank the Town Council, Town staff, business owners, organizations and the many volunteers who have supported Hometown Strasburg since its beginning. We will be working on finishing out some of our projects, such as the Streetscape Brick Sale, and our Hometown Dollars gift cards. The bricks need to be ordered by this Friday, January 16, and Hometown Dollar gift cards will need to be redeemed by Friday as well.

I will meet with acting Town Manager, Jay McKinley, to have the bricks delivered for the next Streetscape phase, and are working with other organizations to hand over some of our on-going projects and events. We will also be working with Felicia Hart to hand over materials she and the Town may need. (Kimberly Murray will explain the status of Strasburg’s Main Street affiliation.)

We will also be purchasing a new bench for Hometown Park In Memory of Mill Wallen, Sr. and In Honor of Carla Wallen, for all of the many volunteer hours they have put into the many projects for Strasburg, since Hometown’s existence. We are all very proud to have been a part of this organization and to serve the Town and community. I wish to personally thank all of our Board members who are currently serving, and have served in the past, for their time and dedication to Hometown Strasburg.

Again, our sincerest thank you to everyone!

Kate Sowers

July, 2005 - January, 2015
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Commemorative Bricks
Commemorative Brick orders have expired on Friday, January 16, 2015.

Hometown Dollar Gift Cards
Hometown Strasburg has discontinuing the Hometown Dollar Gift Cards and should have been redeemed at a participating business by Friday, January 16th.
Commemorative Brick Orders and Hometown
Dollar Redemption Has Expired